Discreet Motion Detectors

Reduce Falls, Take Objective Decisions


4 Medical IT and MintT are proud to collaborate on the expansion of MintT Solutions in The Netherlands and UK. Thanks to this close collaboration with MintT,
4 Medical IT will now be able to offer a wide variety of medical technologies and solutions to our customers, especially in the medical sector.

MintT’s ISA solution detects, analyses and prevents the falls of elderly people in hospitals, nursing homes and service flats. By using non-intrusive 3D sensors and AI, ISA is autonomous and at the forefront of technology while ensuring that the individual’s privacy is protected. ISA improves the patient’s safety, the medical team’s efficiency and the family’s peace of mind.

More details:

Please visit www.mintt.care


This technology can be quickly installed in healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living accommodation.

A Safer Environment:

  • Reduce the number of falls
  • Respond quickly if a fall occurs
  • Accompany patients at risk as they move about

Better Healthcare:

  • Identify patients at risk
  • Analyse fall registry as a team

Protection of Privacy:

  • Safeguard and encrypt data
  • Meet the requirements of GDPR


For more information please visit https://mintt.care/#home-iam or download our brochures

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