IoT Displays

The Canvys IoT Display is a 32-inch 4K monitor that provides a perfect platform for integration into your industrial/medical 4.0 environment. The integrated network interface for the internal processing of the monitor data make it possible to control the 4K monitor externally and to read out important sensor data. The optional expansion with an RFID reader also allows identity and authorisation management to be centrally monitored and controlled via the Cloud. Further additional functions can be adapted to your OEM-specific requirements.

The 4K-IoT Monitor is suitable for Cloud integration via Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. However, it can also be integrated into your existing Cloud solution.  The complete connectivity of the IoT Monitor enables you to centrally manage your displays from anywhere in the world.

This self-service monitor is a perfect base for cost-efficient IoT applications not only in industry, but also in healthcare. It can be individually adapted to user environments, eliminating the need for expensive PCs and peripherals.

Key Features

  • Modular platform enables quick and easy integration into your applications
  • Allows fast, secure and global networking
  • High-quality industrial TFT displays and components with long-term availability
  • Central administration of all displays integrated into the Cloud/network (external controlling)
  • Simultaneous firmware update for all monitors integrated in the Cloud (worldwide)
  • Status monitoring of all displays integrated into the Cloud
  • Central calibration of monitor settings via the Cloud (e.g. important in the printing press or medical technology sectors)
  • Scheduled on and off switching of the displays
  • Comfortable monitoring and management functions of internal display sensors (temperature, brightness, contrast, backlight, colour values, voltage, shock and vibration)
  • Service message in case of system issues



Optional RFID Reader Adds the Following Features

  • Central administration of authentication and authorisation management, eg, classification between basic users, experts and maintenance personnel and startup machine/plant system with locked screen and only after authentication of the user the display on and/or the touch function is activated
  • Pay-per-use through tracking of RFID registrations
  • Recall personal or special monitor settings (DICOM)
  • Further OEM-specific usage possibilities can be discussed with our development team

Short Overview of the Technical Data 

  • Size: 32" / 81,3 cm
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD
  • Brightness: 700 cd/m²
  • Contrast: 3000:1 typ.
  • Super-High scaling engine
  • Image and OSD mirror
  • Housing: Slim metal housing
  • Cooling: Fanless
  • Power Input: DC (connector is lockable)
  • Network: WLAN
  • Options: 1x LAN Input; RFID reader

Options Available

IoT Medical Display 32-inch 4K monitor

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