edelegate® remote telementoring and surgical teaching over the internet

IMAGINE being able to assist a colleague from 5,000 miles away using video over the internet - that is exactly what our system was designed to do to introduce laparoscopic surgery to East Africa 10 years ago, and what started as a charity project has evolved to include on-screen annotation, cloud storage of video and up to a thousand people live in one session.  

IMAGINE: Helping colleagues from anywhere in the world; Sharing your expertise with the global surgical community; Teaching thousands of students - all at the same time – anywhere.

  • No subscription
  • No fees
  • No hassle
  • Compatible with endoscopes, in-light cameras, c-arms etc.

This system was used with great success at our award winning project at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, where it brought together surgeons in Hexham, Northumbria and Moshi, Tanzania.