A Strategic Partnership

The 4 Medical IT Alliance has been formed to bring hospitals around the world a state-of-the-art integrated eco-system for the efficient control and operability of operating rooms and other patient care areas.

We have created the world’s first ‘open’ standards-based integrated theatre control system based on the revolutionary SDVoE Alliance 4K video over IP technology with integrated data services. 

We are committed to combining and sharing research and development efforts to rapidly expand the eco-system with data-rich services and innovation for unparalleled performance, interoperability, affordability and proven reliability. 

The 4 Medical IT Alliance partners are excited to engage with leading medical OEM companies and system integrators to deliver innovative solutions to hospitals globally.


Open Architecture

Using open IP standards as a policy rather than proprietary control systems, as is the current status of all OR Control systems, the 4 Medical IT Alliance system will plug and play with all endoscopes, robots and imaging devices and interoperate and exchange data with efficiency planning applications, HIS/EPR/EMR and monitoring systems.

“Having created many proprietary systems in the past for my clients, it has long been a vision to create an operating room control system that embraces an open-architecture to remove the lock-in of proprietary control, finally offering surgeons choice, interoperability and data acquisition for performance improving applications.”

Colin Dobbyne, managing director of 4 Medical IT Alliance member, Big Blue Solutions

Founding Partners

Working with our world-leading partners NDS Surgical Imaging, ZeeVee, NETGEAR, the new product development designer Big Blue Solutions, 4 Medical IT has created the world’s first open standard integrated operating room control system.

  • The system is constructed on a robust 10G fibre backbone using the powerful and SDVoE-preconfigured switches from NETGEAR
  • ZeeVee, having just launched version 1.2 with many unique features has a range of fully certified (60601) codecs for use in patient care areas
  • NDS, a subsidiary of Novanta Corporation, is a leader in surgical displays for HD, 4K, 3D and wireless video displays, and is developing two platforms to combine video distribution with DICOM-compliant capturing in a single box
  • Big Blue Solutions, a disruptive design consultancy for operating theatre control systems, has created the 4 Medical IT Alliance eco-system as a complete solution.
4 medical IT connecting healthcare

Best-in-Class Systems

Each founding partner brings its own unique strengths and product range to the 4 Medical IT Alliance.  More information on their products and systems and the SDVoE technology can be found on the following dedicated pages:

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