A Multi-Vendor Environment

4 Medical IT brings together a specialist group of SDVoE Alliance members. Our goal is to develop and provide our customers with state-of-the-art systems for the efficient control and operability of patient care areas.  This includes everything from operating theatres to intensive care units and home-recovery monitoring.  

We aim to integrate systems that are open architecture and built on the latest standards-based technology.  This ensures freedom of choice and interoperability in a multi-vendor environment.


New Solutions

Customers and end-users are often the best innovators, as they know the product story intimately.  If you are looking for a product that doesn’t exist yet, contact us and we will put our combined brains together and help you assemble the right team to develop your solution.  This could be from new product development entirely, or with a capable system integrator with access to our systems.

Emerging Technologies

As new technologies emerge, we review, assess and look for how they could be applied to the healthcare market.  These could include robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and machine learning. 

However, there is an awful lot of development going on and we do not have eyes everywhere - if you spot an interesting technology and application, talk to us and we will help you develop that into a meaningful product.



Best-in-Class Systems

The products you see on our pages and in our system designs have been selected as best-in-class to meet a particular function: we consider performance, interoperability, ease of interfacing, price, reliability, supply, service and support.  

We are not a catalogue, offering a confusing choice of competitive products.  Quite the opposite, in fact - wherever possible, we try to avoid competing products. 

Exclusive Partners

We only represent our exclusive partners on this website.  These are the companies that have helped us put together an incredible resource for those wishing to install IP-based systems for patient care areas.

Our partners include:

Medical IT systems partners

SDVoE Medical