We work with a network of established associates to help us deliver our integrated healthcare communication systems.  This allows us to benefit from the infrastructure and experience of these market-leading companies and ultimately serve our clients even better.

Fulbourn Medical

Fulbourn Medical

Fulbourn Medical has 25 years' experience in the installation and maintenance of integrated operating room architectural systems.  This makes it the ideal partner to complement its solutions with the supply, installation and maintenance of the 4 Medical IT integrated operating room system to offer a one-stop-shop for turnkey new-build projects, refurbishments and upgrades.

Endoscopiki S.A

Providing solutions since 1967

Endoscopiki was founded in 1967 by Theofanis Kaloglou, and was the first Greek company to introduce innovative solutions in endoscopy.  As a result of its success, it became Endoscopiki S.A. in 1984.  Over the past forty years, Endoscopiki S.A. has implemented innovative ideas and represents high-technology units, top-quality instruments and disposables, covering the needs of almost every field in the modern medical world.

Today, Endoscopiki S.A. has a leading position in the Greek market, not only by selling products, but also by providing services and solutions, such as full lab installations, OR and Endoscopy department integration, preventive and corrective maintenance, system upgrades, etc, all carried out  by its highly skilled work force.  The sales and service team is constantly updated and trained in all modern technologies and medical developments and has the necessary knowledge to support the products we represent, with respect to each customer's information and needs.

Walking together towards the future

With a keen eye to the future, Endoscopiki S.A. will continue its growth, having as a consultant the valuable knowledge of its past and as a guide its constant involvement in the new developments of the very sensitive medical field.

Video South Digital video experts

Experts in videoconferencing

Video South is the UK's leading specialist supplier of the video communication systems within hospital sites. It is a leading provider of digital systems for teaching purposes and telemedicine links for interventional and diagnostic procedures on the videoconferencing networks, regionally, nationally and internationally.

CONSULT - We make listening a priority so that we fully understand your requirements

CREATE - We have over 20 years' experience designing bespoke visual communications systems for hospitals and universities

SUPPORT - We offer robust, expert support delivered throughout the UK


Inspire Medical

Inspire Medical

Inspire Infotech Pvt. is a leading company in the area of developing & meeting the unique audio and video requirements of healthcare environments. Its AV solutions help healthcare organizations use their resources to more effectively deliver healthcare in a timely and cost effective manner. It is a partner to leading global manufacturers and developers of the most sophisticated healthcare solutions like IKEGAMI, MEDXCHANGE & APPLE