theatrewatch® Observation and Monitoring System



Managing COVID-19 in hospitals has brought tremendous challenges to theatres and wards, weighing up the risks of physically attending to patients against contracting or spreading the disease, particularly to the vulnerable.

Entering patient areas such as operating theatres, scanning rooms and ICUs are now under much tighter control and this reduced physical presence can lead to dangerous communication breakdowns.

Notwithstanding the challenges, it is imperative to retain caseloads and not deny essential life-saving surgery, and to do this, improved communication and data sharing in a safe and effective manner is required.

TheatreWatch® Observation and Monitoring System from the 4 Medical IT Alliance is a flexible and scalable system to display, in control-and-command-centre style, patient monitoring systems and oversight video feeds.

Any number of observers can drag to their desktop any of the images and start a remote access session to interact with the software application via keyboard and mouse. There are additional options for two-way audio intercom, alarm management and video streaming to mobile devices.

This system removes 100% of the risk of infection and provides instant access to potentially life-saving data.