OR Connect® Integrated Operating Rooms

OR Connect


4 Medical IT provides the complete system as a package for our integrators, a “one-stop-shop” for everything you need to create the most flexible and advanced Integrated Operating Room Control and Video Management System in the world.

The following components were selected by Big Blue Solutions, a company with 25 years in operating room design, to create a patient and surgeon-centric design that offers the highest performing system while ensuring patient safety.

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Sophisticatedly Simple... 1,2,3

Connect your medical devices to 4 Medical IT encoders and decoders.

  • Any video signal
  • Any data format
  • Any manufacturer

Medical screens IT products


Connect all of your codecs to a data switch.

Up to 96 devices can be connected to a single switch.

IT screens hospital medical


Use a simple to use management platform to control all of your devices, route your video signals and make data connections.


The most advanced 4K over IP distribution system (SDVoE)

  •  Uncompromised and guaranteed lossless video transmission
  • Lowest latency (delay) - less than 0.1 millisecond

The best-in-class 4K Surgical Displays

  • High brightness
  • Medical grade 60601
  • 27 or 32 inch
  • All video formats and resolutions

10G Netgear 10G system backbone

  • Fibre switches for scalable systems (24, 48, 96 ports)
  • Copper and hybrid solutions
  • SDVoE onboarding modules

Medical Grade Encoders (Certified 60601)

  • Full range of input options
  • Fibre and copper models
  • Galvanic isolation built-in guaranteed 

4K Capture system

  • Video and stills
  • Full DICOM interoperation
  • Surgeon preferences and setup
  • h.264 streaming
  • HL7 compliant for full integration into HIS

Integration tools

  • Medical grade cables (fibre and copper)
  • Extenders and converters
  • Medical grade PSUs

Design support

  • Design service/ system verification
  • On-site support if required
  • Performance warranty on “4MIT checked” functionality