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Inspire Medical


We are absolutely delighted to announce that Inspire has now joined the growing global community of the 4 Medical IT Alliance as the official supplier for India of our standards based, video over IP technology solutions for medical applications. 

Inspire is a leading provider of professional video, audio and communication systems for Greater India and has created a dedicated healthcare technologies division, Inspire 

Medical.  The company designs and installs innovative custom solutions for surgical imaging and documentation, integrated operating theatres, live video teaching and consultant telepresence. 

Jaideep Dudani, CEO of Inspire Infotech, said, "We are passionate about our market in India and constantly striving to bring the latest technology at an affordable price to our medical customers."

Colin Dobbyne, CEO of the 4 Medical IT Alliance, added, "We could not be more delighted to welcome Inspire Medical into our alliance family of integrators and partners. Our mission is to bring affordable healthcare technology to all parts of the globe, and with our new partner, the healthcare providers of India can access integrated theatres and networked surgery at an honest price."


Download the latest article from Clinical Services Journal where Colin Dobbyne CEng MIET examines the IoT technology that could modernise operating theatres from isolated workspaces to being part of an active collaborative support system, or what he refers to as 'Surgery4.0'. He explains the technology needed to radically change the way surgery is performed, the potential benefits, and how to remove current barriers.

With award-winning design partner Big Blue Solutions Limited and our partners NDS Surgical Imaging , ZeeVee, Inc. and NETGEAR , we have created the world's first IP open standard data-sharing OR eco-system.

Clinical Services Journal


We are pleased to announce the official launch of the 4 Medical IT Alliance, formed to bring hospitals around the world a state-of-the-art integrated eco-system for the efficient control and operability of operating rooms and other patient care areas. 

Working with our world-leading partners NDS Surgical Imaging, ZeeVee, NETGEAR, the SDVoE Alliance and new product development designer Big Blue Solutions, 4 Medical IT has created the world’s first open standard integrated operating room based on the SDVoE’s revolutionary 4K video-over-IP technology. 

“Having created many proprietary systems in the past for my clients, it has long been a vision of mine to create an operating room video system that embraces an open-architecture that removes the lock-in to proprietary control,” says Colin Dobbyne, managing director of 4 Medical IT.  “The commitment of the 4 Medical IT Alliance members to collaborative innovation means the eco-system will expand rapidly, finally providing surgeons with the system they want – offering choice, interoperability and performance improving services such as data acquisition, AI, machine learning and real-time efficiency monitoring.”

Sharing Research and Development

The 4 Medical IT Alliance partners are committed to an open standard, and combining and sharing research and development efforts.  This will rapidly expand the eco-system with data-rich services and innovation for unparalleled performance, interoperability, affordability and proven reliability.  The 4Medical IT Alliance partners are excited to engage with leading medical OEM companies and system integrators to deliver innovative solutions to hospitals globally.

Uniting Strengths and Product Ranges

Each partner brings its own strengths and product range to the 4 Medical IT Alliance:

  • The system is constructed on a robust 10G fibre backbone using the powerful and SDVoE-preconfigured switches from NETGEAR
  • ZeeVee, having just launched version 1.2 with many unique features including live preview, has a range of fully certified (60601) codecs for use in patient care areas
  • NDS, a subsidiary of Novanta Corporation, is a leader in surgical displays for HD, 4K, 3D and wireless video displays and is developing two platforms to combine video distribution with DICOM-compliant capturing in a single box
  • Big Blue Solutions, a disruptive design consultancy for operating theatre control systems, has created the 4 Medical IT Alliance eco-system as a complete solution. Former clients include Smith and Nephew, Maquet and ConMed, and most recently Karl Storz, developing its latest OR1 platforms


Using open IP standards as a policy rather than proprietary systems, the 4 Medical IT Alliance system will plug and play with all endoscopes, robots and imaging devices and interoperate and exchange data with efficiency planning control, HIS/EPR/EMR and surveillance systems.


Big Blue Solutions Ltd

Big Blue Solutions is an SDVoE design partner that specialises in disruptive product design, development and realisation.

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Big Blue Solutions The Link

Big Blue Solutions SDVoE

Big Blue Solutions Empowering Clincians


Netgear Inc

Netgear has offices around the world, and produces networking hardware for consumers, businesses and service providers.

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Netgear Quadram Institute Q319

Netgear Level 3 Audiovisual


“This brave new world of medical advances is providing capabilities that were unimaginable just a few short years ago, and NETGEAR is pleased to be able to have a role in enabling the next-generation of medical technology,” said Richard Jonker, vice president of product line management for SMB at NETGEAR.  “Nobody likes lag or distortion in video distribution, but in medical IT, lag can be a matter of life and death.  With this alliance, we can ensure the highest quality 4K video with zero lag for surgical environments.”


SDVoE Alliance

The SDVoE Alliance provides a software-based AV platform that allows users to analyse customers' needs and build new and interesting applications.

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ZeeVee Inc

ZeeVee offers products that enable integrators to tailor end-user solutions to meet demanding specifications and tight budgets.

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NDS Novanta Company

NDS Surgical Imaging

NDS Surgical Imaging revolutionised medical imaging with its development of the industry’s first Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technologies for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) viewing applications and remains committed to innovation and product development.

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